Superman is so 2010, we are all about Golola Moses! He is the world’s greatest superhero (Well I mean my world). Golola Moses has actually consumed my life…my being…my head and my common sense. In case you are unfamiliar with him, here is a picture of him.

Golola is a young man but has achieved the unmanageable, unthinkable and impossible.

  • Hang his clothes on a MTN line.
  • Cheated on an English Test with a Calculator.
  • He got shot in the head and got a slight headache.
  • He recently opened the Medical college of Engineering for Commerce and Art!
  • He managed to make Rambo shake.
  • He managed to create so much fear that ghosts go around a camp fire and tell stories about him.
  • He donated his watches …..and that resulted in the birth of the power rangers.
  • He tore pages out of Facebook.
  • He can cut a knife with a razor blade.
  • When He crosses the street the cars look both ways.
  • He can slam a revolving door and it shuts.
  • He ate the missing piece on the apple inc. logo
  • He can send an email from a blackboard!
  • He is only guy who can undress the statue of liberty
  • In Uglish he can ‘can pocket when he is naked’

Golola is a champion kick boxer by profession but superhero when he is not working. He is very serious about his sport and his abilities….no one should temper with that! *insert an ‘Oh Snap’*

All in All Golola is pretty awesome! like……really awesome! I mean he is a revolution…he is a phenomenon *sssiiiigggghhh*


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