The Art of the Mother Tongue

So most people who know me, know that the only language ‘i’ speak is English! yes yes…its such a shame cause other than that I am a ‘FERPECT ‘ ‘lessfalw’ (perfect flawless) Human! This minor set back has kept me far away from being a mundane human

I was born in London, so inevitably my first Language was English and the ‘other’ languages were never really spoken at home! When my family moved to Rwanda 8 or so years ago from Uganda, so I would pick up a few words from the maid …like ‘gutera i pass’ which means ‘iron my clothes’ (loose translation) and ‘zanira jii’ ‘please bring me some juice’ (again loose translation) I made sure that I learnt the important stuff!lol

I was in boarding school for all those 8 years that my family lived in Kigali,Rwanda and the little would be forgotten as there was no one to practice with at school, plus my social life did leave room for ‘tribal antics’ (Just Joking!) also known as ‘culture’

Well, the point of this all is that I don’t like to receive all the heat for not knowing my mother tongue, my ‘dearest over giving’ parents didn’t instil this crucial part of my learning at a young age when i was able to pick up languages easily. I wish that I had a maid who didn’t speak English growing up so that I could learn the language, I think it would give me that added advantage not only socially but in life….since my dream is to be a MILLIONAIRE!

For all those Rwandese who are in my position! I feel your pain


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