UGLISH, The embarrassing combination as a result of colonization. One of ‘motherlands’ (I have a couple) Uganda gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, which was a monumental and proud moment ….well I assume! I am only twenty so I wasn’t there to ‘feel the freedom’ *cue Bob Marley ‘Redemption Song*.

I wish that they had also freed us from ‘Embogos’ AKA Mispronunciations. I find it shocking that after 12 years of having lived in Uganda…I still manage to give the ‘Muzungu’ stare to my ‘fellow’ Ugandans of ‘what the hell are u saying???!’ I mean you ask someone a basic question is the English Language ‘How are you?’ and the reply is ‘I am fine there there likey that’. Firstly, where is ‘there’? and what is ‘that’ ..that you are feeling! or when someone leaves such a note on a Door ‘Thıs restaurant ıs not opened because ıts closed-MANAGER’ NO SH#T SHERLOCK!

One thing that grinds my gears is when they say ‘You are growing short!’ OMG this is worst! Growing implies horizontal or vertical development… some sort of increase! infact I don’t have to explain my frustration! its pretty self explanatory!

Here are some Examples of ‘Uglish’ :

‘he was born long ago.that one he have alot of years’

‘this money is too small for the weekend’

‘as we where standing the soil started booming and the stones where rotating by the time we reached there the solution was over( land slide interview – eye witness )’

‘Hello? Hello? I can’t hear you! You are in a shouting place!’

‘That place is where? ‘

‘can you pliz spell for me the LETTER blue?’

Finally, ‘Eh, I do nont understand this weather! All of me air has passed in me, I am hearing as if I want to enter in my bed.’

And here is a Video to help you know how Uglish sounds!





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