OK!! I need to address this ‘Best I never had’ video, released not so long ago (I think its 7th July 2011….I could be wrong) by the *hold up lemme pat my authentic weave* Divalious Beyonce aka MRS CARTER!

Side Note: Her Child’s Godfather is gonna be Mr. Kanye West! How average is my life!?? REALLY!

…This video is my guilty pleasure I haven’t managed to change the channel when it comes on! Its just magical and unrealistic. Firstly, Every single person at the wedding is hot and dresses so nicely…I wonder if the card said ‘Don’t RSVP if you are ugly’ or ‘We cordially invite only BEAUTIFUL people’ I want to know what that card said!

Then Beyonce was like lemme show you what all you men will Never have (even Fat girls!)….with her rocking body in the Lingerie hhhmmm HELLO PLEASE COME AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The angelic white causing sinful thoughts ( if you are a man) I mean Kelly should have worn in that ‘Motivation’ Video…would have been very applicable!!

Then, Beyonce felt that need to show us these BANGING Dresses…these are them LAWDHAVMARCEH (Lord Have Mercy!) Dresses  I am not the biggest fan of dresses…but the person who made these dresses must be related to the person who makes Harvey Spectors’ suits on SUITS …incase you FORGOT, which i cant understand how cause they were seriously unforgettable ..lemme remind you with a few pictures!

I Think that Beyonce wanted to show us what her ‘real wedding’ would have been if she wasn’t a MEGA STAR! I am sure the lack of privacy didn’t give her the privilege of having such a beautiful wedding. I would also like to address that gentleman who the song was all about….the lil boy who was not interested in her at prom okay that was just a bit to unrealistic …I mean this is QUEEN B …even though it seems that its life before the fame as her hair was still black!……before she found that expensive blonde hair dye that can be used on a black girls hair! Beyonce, if you ever manage to read this blog post between fist pumps with Kanye and playing the WII with Kelly…I LOVE THIS VIDEO!



  1. I really love this.. Coz u said everything everyone was thinking bout.. U didnt mention the ka dance but u put the picture!! Anyways really love it! 🙂

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