The OLD SKOOL that doesnt get old!

People who know me, who tell you that I love me some OLD SKOOL! I cant begin to explain the chord, arrangement and all of that complicated music stuff, I don’t Jack sh#t about it. However, what I can tell you that it just feels right….the music is soo genuine none of this auto tune nonsense that T-Pain is obsessed with. If T-Pain was in the 80s/90s he would be frying them burgers at burger king! …..he would not be able to compete!

I mean  Donell Jones…. that Where I wanna be album was too good…and unfortunately underrated! its a classic in my eyes or should i say ears!

I mean who is ever gonna forget ‘The girl looks soo good but her mind is not ready!’ if you could complete the chorus then we are on the same wavelength…yes its Funkmaster Flex’s ‘Here we go’. Old Skool aint old skool without checking in on Baby girl Aaliyah…she trully made a statement with ‘Age aint nothing but a number’ at 14! That stat puts a lot of us to shame! Tamia is also severely underrated with ‘So into you’ , ‘Mr Man’ and ‘Poetry’.

Let me put it out there very early in my blogging days…I love me some Boyz II Men. They made a mark in the music world with ‘End of the road’ by the oh so talented L.A Reid! I mean the vocals would instanteously send chills down your spin….and with that hit… they have never looked back! Some of their other classics include ‘One sweet day’, ‘Last Night’, ‘Song for Mama’ and ‘Motownphilly’ the list is endless and timeless. No female can forget ‘The boy is mine’ I personally (and all you other females) cannot count how many times I have imitated/mimed  the video…it was just hard looking for a wall to do the imitation properly…most times I would have to imagine it…with a friend ofcourse!

Well, Enough about how much I prefer music back then and I will reveal my top ten favorite old skool tunes of all time.

10. Just one of ’em days (Don’t take it personal)- Monica

9. Mo Money Mo Problems- Mase, Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and Biggie.

8. Knock you off your feet- Donell Jones

7. Red Light Special- TLC

6. Too Close- Next

5. Best Man- Case, RL, Tyrese and Ginuwine

4. Tell me – Groove Theory

3. Back and Forth – Aaliyah

2. Human Nature- Michael Jackson

DRUM ROLL PLEASE 1. End of the Road- Boyz II men I cannot get enough of this song,daayymnn they can sing!

I feel like I am cheating so many songs by not putting them on the list! it was very hard making this list.


2 thoughts on “The OLD SKOOL that doesnt get old!

  1. My goodness… this is definitely afro-centric though I can’t really knock the choices…there’s a good blend of love ballads here even featuring the Notorious B.I.G (who I think is the greatest rapper to have ever done it)…could you please do one on your favourite rappers? I’d like to see whether we’re on the same wavelength.

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