…End Of an Era

Please please People let’s have a moment of Silence…

Cocaine, Prostitutes, Lies, DRAMA, Porn Stars, Blow Jobs, a whole load of F%£k yous,WOMEN, Hotel rooms, BOOZE, that KUSH, Mansions, Parties, Celebrities and Ari Golds endless homophobic insults! Entourage *As I raise my index finger asking for a minute while I WHIP out the kleenex and dry my tears* …finally came to an end after 8 EPICAL (not  a real word btw) seasons. The show is loosely based on Marky Mark’s life also known as Mark Walhberg, with his move to Hollywood from Boston, MA.

In my personal opinion, Entourage started off as kind of Man’s show! You get these boys from Queen, NY  settling in the hills of LA, California with their bad ass attitude and partying antics…any mans’ dream life. Vince was at the top of his game with Queens Boulevard, The Indie film directed by the pyshotic Billy walsh….that guy was not given enough breast milk as a baby, he is severely disconnected.

However, when Mandy Moore was briefly appearing in a few episodes as Vinny Chase’s love interest the show became more applicable to women. The introduction of Sloan played by Emmanuelle Chriqui (who I would like to point out is an AFRICAN….yes she is Jewish Moroccan!) as Eric’s Love interest, this allowed woman to be involved and be able to relate to aspects of the show. Y’all know bitches like to feel like they can relate and the proof is in Oprah’s bank balance.

I would like to take this Moment to say Thank you to the BASTARD that created Ari Gold’s character, I would pay tonnes of money to receive an insult from him they are just Brilliant. Let me enlighten you on some of them;

Lloyd: What’s wrong? Ari: Has so much cum squirt in those eyes you can’t see what’s right in front of your face? Amanda Daniels takes that job, Vince is fucked and I’m fucked.

Lloyd: Are you hiding something from me Ari? Ari: Only my cock and my asshole Lloyd..

‘go get your cunt removed so you will be less cunty’

Ari: Die, die, die Lloyd! And when you’re gagging on Davies’ balls I want you to bite down, so he can die too!

Ari: People, staff meeting has been cancelled. You all have one goal today: to get Vincent Chase’s brother, Johnny Chase, a job. Any job! I don’t care if it’s a porn shoot in which he is being gang raped

(Ari is about to leave his kid’s birthday party for business) Mrs. Ari: Where are you going? Ari: They flew in the liver, and I gotta do the transplant. Where do you think I’m going?

Lizzy: You got the [NFL] meeting? Shit that’s impressive. Ari: Yeah, I’d blow myself if I was more flexible.

I could go on and on about Ari but I dont want my blog to be shut down due the immense levels of profanity!

I think that between July 18, 2004 and concluded on September 11, 2011, Doug Ellin brought us sheer entertainment. I was crushed as I watched each episode of the last season. They left us HANGING, I wanted to cry. Okay, firstly I would like to say that they season finale felt rushed and too fairytale-ish! ..its the truth! But no one could lie…Ari made like 50% of the show! ARI WAS the SH%T in every way! I would love for them to make a spin off of the show by giving Ari Gold his own show, On another hand I think that we should preserve Ari’s awesomeness and ju st stick to reruns. I hope the movie does the show justice..

From Queens Boulevard to Aquaman to Medellin to Smoke Jumpers to The Great Gasby….we loved them all! The unpredictability of the script and the UN-PC  one liners that got me to in stitches! Entourage  was amazing and showed us how important it is to leave while you are still at the TOP!

This is a CLASSIC and my FAV scene from Season 3 Episode 15 ‘Manic Mondays’


6 thoughts on “…End Of an Era

  1. hahahah ooh teta, love this blog. I never knew Entourage it was based on MW life, anyway ure right about the girl entries because most of my friends who watch this series are females, including you hahahah.

    Nicely written *loud applaud*

  2. Freaking LOVE this Teta! Ari is one of my heroes without a doubt and I know I was so gutted it ended but I know Jeremy Piven will make the film spectacular! LOL my other favourite clip is when he comes in with a paintball gun and starts firing people…LEDGE! Keep the posts coming! xxx

  3. Being a dinosaur, I haven’t yet watched any of that…but this post has made my mind up – I’m beginning downloads in five minutes. Gotta meet this Ari fellow.

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