Sorry your Pink Dollar is No good here!

As Many Ugandans and people in this world know, that Uganda is ‘The World’s worst place to Gay’. I personally love me some Gay boys they tell you how it is and they love to party and since am in my prime …..its a match made in a sinner’s heaven!

So this ‘Popular’ DJ Scott Mills decided to take his British arse to Kampala, Uganda to understand the hysteria that homosexuality has caused. This was shortly after ‘Pastor Doctor’ Martin Ssempa’s ‘Eat the poo poo’  Video…this piece of sh%t got a lot of traffic (One day you will get there my dearest blog).

This Idiot said he doesnt want this ‘STAGAFULIZAAHA’ in his country…he doesnt realise that he is part of the trash that is in Uganda! He is the real abomination in the situation. I can’t believe he held such a press conference! In this economic times I would be pissed if I used my fuel to drive to see his examples of what ‘homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedrooms’ …Hajat why did you look?! lol

F%&k The sh%t of a ‘Little’ Research where do find gay porn of ‘anal licking like an ice cream’ and ‘People eating poo poo’…. this calls for an acronym SMDH!

…Ok so back to the point! Like most Horror movies or situations white folk love to go and investigate…and in this situation life imitates art! Scott Mills took his big yet brave head to the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

[here is the link if you wanna watch it first to get the whole post! ( feel free to find your own links!]

I hate spoilers, so I won’t go in great detail of what was in the documentary, plus it was long and my fingers will get tired and I will get bored!

So Scott Mills got spat on, ‘cleasened’ by a LIVING AND BREATHING chicken flapping its F^%king wings on him! I COULD NOT! He decided to go on radio with that  Mugisha guy who must have forgotten that Scott Mills had a ticket back to the Uk aka Safety while he was stuck in Ug….or he was brave! I guess Brave! He also managed to take us to the hidden and forbidden ‘T-cozy’ …where Scott Managed to receive his first ‘raba dab’ (bump and grind sesh) in Uganda.

I have to Poliltey say F%^k you to Scott Mills, I mean when he wanted to speak to ‘the youth’ he went to the ones with MAJOR VILLAGE Swag! Blaming Rihanna’s ‘Te Amo’ Music video on the growth of homosexuality in Uganda!  I would also like to ADD that Stoch’s house wasnt soo was NOT like a prison yes the interior design could have been better but the house its self was not a slum like those guys who were 7 in one room including ‘That one… LESBIAN’ ! Stoch was living a homosexual’s dream in Ugandan’s standards.

I think the scariest yet most hilarious bit of the documentary was when he thought he could change the mind of David Bahati! ‘If I knew this interview would not take place…hahaha Make sure you are not caught in the act! hahaha’….after a few ‘hahahas’ from DB we saw Scott Mills run for his life and flee back to the UK. David had this look on his face ‘I have just talked to a man who BUM DRILLS (Uglish)’!

Pink Dollar : the buying power of the gay community. This is of no value in Uganda. Its very unfortunate that such a small issue is setting a nation so far back. I personally feel that homosexually is not a choice, neither is it a defect! No one willingly chooses to be a homosexual, no one would choose to be in the demograghic that is most affected by HIV/AIDS, or most scrutinized on a global scale. I believe that we should support them as much as we can as they need it! We all have something that makes makes us very different ….as the Bible says ‘Love is blind’ Love is also blind to gender all it sees is the soul of the loved one!

Always remember LOVE PEACE and HAPPINESS…they key to longevity!


3 thoughts on “Sorry your Pink Dollar is No good here!

  1. The first video a friend of mine sent it to me, half of the time my jaw was on the ground, because i was so shocked as to how people can say such things at a press conference and even at church!!!!!!(showing that video to the congregation)

    You could see how the journalist were shaking their heads in disbelief of such behaviour. smh.

  2. As you point out, what possessed the man to show such a video in church? he only made himself look stupid. At te end of the day it’s none of my business what consenting adults want to do behind closed doors.
    I think what we need to just remember is – there are extremists on both sides of this debate. And they are just a few (very loud) people stirring it up. I bet the average Ugandan woudn’t really care what gay men / lesbians get upto, they just don’t want to be confronted with it.

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