‘Em Saturday babies

So What do These GORGEOUS MEN have in common? TALENT for starters….and LAWDHAVMARCEH (Lord Have Mercy!) they are STEAM, FIRE, HOT…these men are just EXTREMELY good looking. These men are what I like to consider/refer/call ‘Saturday Babies’ ….My theory here is that God created them so intricately, passionately, slowly and so carefully ….that He had to rest on Sunday. God planned for their existence, like the rest of us mortals, but he knew that these masterpieces were gonna take a bit more time!

Let me address them individually:


With a Voice smooth as honey and a smile to melt ice wwooaahh! This man deserves a Hallllaalluuyyaar! Wow! He is drop dead gorgeous! I will admit and I think that most of you ladies will agree, Trey wasn’t always this fine. When he just came out and he sang that oh so sweet song ‘Just gotta make it’…He was just a talented boy from the VA! He also had cornrows …not a good look…it was a bit thugish…yet again he was still in a place of confusion musically he was trying to be a rapper and a singer at the same time on the same album but to me it was very apparent that his singing was better. I believe he started to realise that his singing was better (and worth capitalising on!) when he released Trey day, his third album, which included Club bangers such as ‘Say Ahh!’. However, Trey started to pay more attention to his fashion sense and his good looks when he released ‘Passion Pleasure and Pain’ on 27th July 2010 and  Trey has been looking MIGHTY FINE! He managed to score the opening act on Jay-z’s Tour which has propelled him to super star status.

Look at him this video…Firstly, it was soo unfair to my young little heart to put both Trey and Sean!!

(Look at the Red Leather Jacket! I DIED! …also look at 0:35, 1:20, 1:32….OK THE WHOLE VIDEO)


New comer 26 year old Jermaine Lamarr Cole, has made the rap game more attractive. J. Cole ( His rap name) is the latest prodigy of rap session Jay-z aka Mr. Sean Carter, he came and took the rap game by storm. We first noticed him on Jay-z’s The Blueprint 3, on the track ‘A star is born’ (quite appropriately) featuring Mr Hudson. The track was a beast and gave him the best platform when he released ‘Who dat!’. Anyways, enough about his talent…have you seen his face!!? Boy is FFOOIINNEE! I never noticed him at first he was just another light skinned boy, then I was at home and I saw Bei Maejor’s video ‘Trouble’….He confused and disorganised me thoroughly…utterly and completely.

Let me show you the moment that FINISHED ME- 1:02

After watching the video of ‘Trouble’ I would wait to see him on TV, you know I wanted the HD experience to see if my eyes were not lying (not VEVO! it wasn’t gonna cut it!), then the video of  ‘Work out’ came out and then he opened those beautiful brown eyes…CONFUSION DOT COM! This man has made the rap game more attractive with his looks and his lyrics- Finally its not songs about ‘I popped this NIGGA’ ‘ I got shot’ ‘I got your girl’ ‘My mum had me at 18’ ‘ I hate the po-po and now I am rich, so we friends’ <—YUCKAGE!!! BTW I love how he featured on Elle Varner’s Debut song ‘Only wanna give it you’ and Beyonce’s ‘Party’!….I would not mind going this Cole World…anyday anytime! Yes Please.

Look at the video of Work out…I even managed to ignore his mono brow! Look at 0:12! I stood up and Clapped for his Parents and God! AMEN (Also look at 0:57)

Big Sean:

This MAN ….as small as he is has caused BIG confusion in my life! Every single time I hear the line ‘Hands up in  the air…I just want …the baddest bitch in the world right here on my lap’….I put up my hand in the hopes that one day he will see me through my TV and pick me! ….As in f%£k HD …can they make a screen in which we can enter!!  So When I heard of this Big Sean, I was like OMG more noise pollution from the Hip Hop community!….Then I saw he was signed to G.O.O.D music which is Kanye (Who I LOVE from College DROP OUT to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) I began to warm up! I didn’t really fall in Love with ‘My Last’ but when he released ‘Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay’….I DIED as in my obituary was being written! I had a coffin…He finished me! I legit fell in LOVE!…I watched that video until kingdom came…..went back and came again! I need a matching pinky ring!!!

No.1 Sean Michael Anderson is actually a good looking guy! No.2 He is talented, he has that Chiddy Bang vibe, a little bit of Wale and a hint of Kanye. No.3 At 23 he has great fashion SENSE…OMG he knows how to rock that denim, I LOVED his range of coloured suits in the Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay Video and The Baby Blue Hermes Belt in the ‘My Last’ Video… HELLO PLEASE! Big Sean your just beautiful! He generally dressed well…I love his hats as well (The Trucker ones!)

Let me highlight the PINNACLE moments in the ‘Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay’ Video…which had me saying LAWDHAVMARCEEH! (Lord Have Mercy!)….its good to see he is Finally Famous and shows no signs of slowing down

Watch out : 0:31, 0:51, 1:23, 2:09….too many moments! Mr West..you were oppressed!)


8 thoughts on “‘Em Saturday babies

  1. *Standing ovation for you Teta*. Brilliant work. Seriously these u read my mind. These men also confused me LAWDHAVMARCEEH! Meanwhile i died at YUCKAGE 😀

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