…We are Lost without you!

I don’t know any one who has a deep love for smooth and sensual RnB…or just a general good taste in Music…that doesnt miss Aaliyah (RIP Baby Girl).

Brooklyn Born Beauty, Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on 16th January 1979, the second and younger child of Diane and Michael Haughton. According to close sources Aaliyah loved music from a very young age, having started music lessons at about 5 years.

I am sure having Gladys knight as an aunt must have had a great influence on her , knowing that achieving your dreams are with in arms reach. In case any of you don’t know Gladys knight, she is well known for being part of the group ‘Gladys Knight and the Pips’ , which included her brother and two cousins. They are famous for the song ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ (Such a CLASSIC…sheer example of Golden Oldie).

The first time I heard of Aaliyah was when I was done watching Nutty professor 1…then I heard this song and then I later saw the music video, with this sick dance moves! At the time i was only about 7 years old when that song came out in 1998..so knowing lyrics was beyond mental capability…I was still mastering the 2,3,4 and 5 times table! but I would wait to say ‘….Tell me you love somebody’

Now am GROWN…so I can sing the whole song …

From this time I got intrigued! Then she did the soundtrack of the animation ‘Anastasia’ with the beautiful soundtrack ‘Journey to the Past’! I got hooked ! I watched her every move from there on!

I would not change the channel on TV if Aaliyah came on! I loved every song ‘Back and Forth’ was the first song I learnt how to dance too, excluding ‘Hammer time’ , this one I knew well because the steps were real easy. Aaliyah was and is like no other, creating timeless music at such an age and at the time when music was at one of it’s best! (not like now!) .’ One in a million’ is still a HIT! A long with, ‘if your mother only knew’, ‘ We need Revolution’ ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number and many others…

Aaliyah Had a voice of any angel, she could dance, she was beautiful, she could act! Aaliyah had it all…until On August 25, 2001 when her plane crashed minutes after taking off on the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas. This is right after she had shot the video of ‘Rock the boat’ off her last album ‘Aaliyah’.

I was hooked on the TV and saw the out pour from all the celebrities, Timbaland, DMX, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, LaLa Vazques….The List was endless! It killed us all to find out that Damon Dash was just about to propose to her! Aaliyah Lived a short life …but it was well lived! she accomplished soo much in such a short time. She definitely stuck the ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’ catch phrase and lived to do what people double her age (at her time of death) could only dream of! I am convinced that the Music game would be totally different if Aaliyah was still around! Aaliyah left when she was at the top of the game and was gonna make it harder for other females to even compete…she must have left for others to shine

Aaliyah died at the tender age of 22, she was laid to rest at Rosewood Mausoleum at the Ferncliff Cemetery , she was interred in a crypt in a private room.After the service, 22 white doves were released to symbolize each year of Aaliyah’s life.

Aaliyah was an inspiration to many! We lost a great too soon…R.I.P


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