Its not that HARD!

I need to VENT! I have carried this frustration on me for a week.

I rarely go to town, but I had to take my baby brother to town to pick a present for his friend’s birthday. I decided we were going to this mega store….I will leave out its name for my own safety! however its a big store and involves an animal! Thats all I am saying…

(One of these…possibly)

I decided to go to this ‘store’ due to its convience, it wasnt far from where I was at that time and I knew it had what we wanted, which was a toy! To be honest …It was hot and I wanted to get anything…didnt care what it was!

So I look around at all these toys of poor quality, I mean u take them out of the box and use it one and twice then organise its funeral! I mean these toys are terribly useless! So anyways I look at all these stupid prices, then pick a walkie talkie and explained to my baby brother how to use it! SCORE! we have a gift and we can leave….then I hit a road block

Me: Oh please may I have batteries for this walkie talkie (shop attendant gabs the toy cause he clearly doesnt know what it was)

SA: haaaaa these batteries! we dont have them here but go and walk alound town! you will find them

This guy doesnt realise that I dont have that time to do that! So basically we had to go back to the toy section aka drawing board to continue to look for ANOTHER gift! aarrrgghhh *pulls hairs*

Then I look around and my baby brother who is too young to understand prices and the current economic situation and is fixated on the over priced toys! I am looking at the price before the toy and it’s features!

As I search through this pile of trash that this ‘store’ like to call ‘toys’! I am over hearing this shop attendant talking to his college in the MOST LOCAL UGANDAN accent! So I see this toy…a train! The price was fair and so I ask

Me: How does this work? Does it need Batteries?

SA2: uurrrrmm haaa this toy is for boys you know, with some ‘blains’…you know…you have to be smart, clerverr!

Me: Can you open it and check?

SA2: Yarr lemme check coz, I arso need to know this toy! bur I think it uses A cubed batles…or A squared! (he runs off to get the batteries to confirm)

I thinking…This is gonna be a long day and why can’t he call the batteries tripple A or double A! CCAAAMM ON!

so he opens the toy and says

SA2: hhaaaa this toy needs A squared!

Then my baby brother asks… ‘Is this toy cool?’

SA2: hhaaa you see this lailway! yurr the train has some tracks it goes on the lailway it goes llllloouundd! yuur its too cool!

This locality of the highest order!!

Fastforward…we pay for this train and then I was like DAAMMN ..I didnt get wrapping paper. So I see this gentleman at the wraping station

Me: Please May you wrap this present for us!

SA3: Yes, but you have to buy like uurrrmm two wrapping papers for this toy!

so I give him the money and he buys the two! As he wraps and I wait to get out of this ‘store’ I notice him finishing with one piece of wrapping paper!

Me: Why did you make me buy two, when you only needed one?

SA3: uurrmm you give it two yowa friend!

Me: No! Give me back my money!who told you that I wanna give it to my friend?

SA3: No you go to Customer service and they give you a voucher for that money and they you buy what you want!

Me: who told you I want to buy something? Do you have cards?

SA3: Yes

Me: How Much?

SA3: Free! you take yowa Identity card or passiport and then they give you a ‘store’ card!

Me: (Frustrated because in the context of what we have been doing, its very clear that I want a birthday card!) hahahahaha I want a birthday card! Take back your wrapping paper and here is some money and top with it and you buy a card!

I was DONE! it was very apparent to me that the average IQ is 15 in this ‘STORE’ He brought me the card and I left. I was tired, frustrated and shocked! This was just an eventful trip…I think it will be some time before I go back to that ‘store’.



5 thoughts on “Its not that HARD!

  1. You have made my day, i love the intro where we have to guess which animal. Otherwise my dear u need super patience with people here. I didn’t even know there was gift wrapping available.

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