There is ‘U’ in Success

‘They’ say all you need is a $ and a dream to be successful! Well I am here to tell that it is  a whole Load of BULLSH!T, what so many people do not realise that businesses can be started without money and generate it!

Personally, I haven’t started any businesss but based on the knowledge I have acquired, people need to realise that all they need is;

1.  A DREAM- You need to get to the basics of your passion,talents and resources, cultivate and nurture them. Once you achieve that your half way there!

2. PATIENCE- You need to be mother f%^king patient! ‘Great things come to those who wait!’ You need to make sure that your stars are aligned and it is the right time. Good opportunities come and go, how and when you select them makes the real difference (Are you mature enough? Have you got to a place where you can cease the opportunity and make the absolute most of it? Is it in alignment with your personal life?- at the end of the day this is all material!) . One has to have tenacity to not give up when doors keep closing and opportunities are not present! However, do be prepared when the opportunity comes by…because when it meets preparation…success is to come

I mean by all means that is an element of financial backing, however that was/is not the main drive/intiative and thats the point I am trying to make.

Here is  a list of companies/individuals that have been extremely succesful with these two qualities.

1. Oprah- Her voice and presence got her where she is!

2. Kim Kardashian/Kris Jenner- Need I say more

3. Whole Foods Market

4. Molson Coors (the fifth largest brewing company in the world.)

5. Apple (started in the garage of a young man by the name of Steve Wozniack)

6. Nordstrom (Nordstrom grew from the one shoe store in downtown Seattle to what is now a multi-billion dollar retail empire.)

7. Dell

8. Electronic Data Systems

9. Mattel

10. Wrigley Chewing Gum.

11. Starbucks

12. eBay Media

It is very Possible to Start with Next to Nothing….and the proof is in my writing (look above for examples! lol)

10 Fortune 500 Companies That Started With Next to Nothing


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