‘So FRANKly when that OCEAN is so motherf$&king good

Before I start this blog post I would like to apologize for my silence..I have been super busy with school..something that will hopefully pay the bills in the future…this blog ain’t gonna do that (unless I get reallllly lucky in the far future!)

…..All those who know me well, know that I enjoy engaging in arguments now and then (and I win them all *flicks hair keeps walking, no looking back*). The latest argument I have had was in regards to Frank Ocean’s DEBUT channel ORANGE . This album was nearly overshadowed by him publicly announcing his bisexuality to the world. However, after he performed bad religion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on the 10th of July,2012, his album was no.1 on iTunes the next day and was on everyone’s iPod 6 days earlier than anticipated. It seems what ‘they’ say is true….all press is good press!


channel ORANGE is Frank Ocean’s DEBUT album, this supposed to his introduction from underground mixtape to commercialized mainstream, while still keeping his faience and idiosyncratic style. My assumption is that this album is not only a debut of his talent but also one of himself to the world. He was able to tell stories of him as a bisexual man and Christoper Breaux the person, whilst also creating lyrical fiction through certain tracks. Nostalgia ultra was a mix tape, so he had the freedom to do as he wished, he didn’t have Def jam experts guiding him of where they believe the album should go. This album is supposed to introduce Frank Ocean into the world, what Frank Ocean fans forget, is that they are some people who do not don’t know Frank Ocean…I mean he only blew up a year ago!

What some fans might not realize, Frank Ocean released The Lonny Breaux Collection , post Nostalgia Ultra . The mixtape had 62 tracks which included some beautiful songs, such as ‘Ready‘ and ‘Acura Integurl‘. I feel that this debut album pulled aspects from both the mixtapes and much more to cater to his fans and many more. I also hear inspirations from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix, among others.

This album still managed to hold what we believe is true of Frank Ocean’s talent. He sampled a golden oldie on Pyramids as he did on American Wedding sampling the Beegees’ classic, ‘hotel California ‘. I have truly searched to know what song was sampled, but I can’t quite put my finger on what song it is but I think it is uses the instrumental of another Beegees song!!…I am determined to find out which one it is.


My top 5 tracks on this album ( In no particular order) are ; Pilot Jones, Sierra Leone, Forrest Gump, Pyramids and Pink Matter. These songs are on constant repeat from my iPod to iTunes. There aren’t tracks that have that Novocane and Swim good type of vibe, but I think that is what Frank Ocean is about, he is a versatile artist, he has many dimensions and facades to him. I personally wouldn’t not want a repeat of Nostalgia Ultra, I am now left hanging, wondering and not being able to predict what he will do on his sophomore album.

Frank Ocean did some brave and daring things on this album such as a close to 10 minute long song. This was a brave move on a debut album, to convince people to listen to a very long song when they have never heard of you ( for those who haven’t)…very brave. He pulled this off on Pyramids where he had like three songs in one, on a euphemistic piece on prostitution!! *claps hands*. He ended this album by singing about a man who he was in love with on Forrest Gump . Frank Ocean stated to the press that his first love was at 19 with a male…again bringing light to the depth of this album and how much it was a debut of the Frank Ocean the person too!


I would also like to point out that Frank Ocean’s instrumentals are way better on this album, there is this element of artistry and vulnerability in tracks such as bad religion. I also like John Mayer’s subtle purity on white. Andre 3000 killed it on the electric guitar on Pink matter creating musical bliss for 4 minutes and 29 seconds..obviously not forgetting his poetic flow in the lyrics he delivered. Frank Ocean had some real talented people delivering on this album also including Pharrell and Om’mas Keith.


So clearly it doesn’t matter if you are a freak in the sheets, streets or studio..talent over everything! When you choose to be daring and fully fathom the craft that has been bestowed unto you…success is inevitable


So to conclude am not saying this is better than Nostalgia Ultra, am simply taking them separately, as one is a mixtape and the other is an album. I have appreciated this album and I cannot wait for the next!
I am happy to know that Frank Ocean’s sexual orientation had been seen separate from the talent he delivers!

Oh Damn didn’t I miss writing!!!…till the next post!!


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