Its been nearly a year since I wrote on my blog!!!!! I have failed to make time between school, partying, travelling and wrapping up my final year of university! Amen!

…. I have been battling to think of a dramatic way to break my silence…It wouldn’t be me if there was no dramatic flare to what I do.. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much to write about between Born Sinner, good Kidd m.a.a.d city, Yeezus, MCHG, the Gifted, Great Gatsby, Iron man 3, the Hangover 3 and Fast and Furious 6! Everything feels like a fad! Nothing seems to be lasting for very long (possible global trend for 2014) nothing is sparking debate for longer than 24 hours (In regards to Pop culture, we are still talking about Syria). My boo Kendrick Lamar (who I get to see in 2 months!! * insert vigorous dance moves*) released ‘Control’ with Lil big Sean and that other dude…but the day after left no evidence of the storm the day before!We moved on so quickly …is technology also taking over our internal processing speed/emotions/attention spans ….ARE WE ROBOTS PRETENDING TO BE HUMANS????

I am supposed to be working on my thesis but I am struggling to find a topic, so I am now using my time to get back into the habit of writing objectively and subjectively ….at the same time! Although I believe my own thoughts offer statistical and empirical evidence, merely because my perspective is the RIGHT one!


What really inspired me to write today is the fact that I had a breakthrough! This year has attempted to bring Music back, that real shit, that good shit, that head bobbing shit!! It tried…it honestly did! I believe Miguel made a statement with ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’, reminding us what Rhythm and beats was all about, and I KNOW that ‘Adorn’ was a game changer.

A few days ago, I ‘found’ an artist who took me back to 2011 when The Weeknd and Frank Ocean took us by storm and hit us with ‘House of balloons’ and ‘Nostalgia Ultra’ (respectively). These were the only albums I listened to, they were sooooo fresh, nothing like what I had ever heard or completely understood, and that was the beauty and amazingness of their music. BANKS, is her name, spelt in uppercase, clearly making a statement. She is an American artist, there is not much in her in the web-isphere and The Weeknd tweeted her latest single yesterday ….so I am saying it now! She is gonna be BIG…she is a mix between Lana de Rey and The Weeknd, her soothing sexy sound will get you hitting the repeat button a couple of times.

N3 N4

… Enjoy and thank me later…


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