Conspiracy or not

I have been wearing my thinking cap for the last few days! Yeah that does mean I have days when I don’t really think…I just move around as an empty vessel watching life and time pass me by…


(Again with my tangents) ..I started watching ‘The newsroom’ about 2 weeks ago! I am in love with it…no one recommended it to me- did they think I wasn’t ‘smart’ enough to watch it!? This could be largely due to the fact I am an avid ‘watcher’ of reality shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and Love and Hip Hop (both ATL and NY)- Well…people miss the underlying messages or topics they address, which are; social dynamics, income disparity, take life as an adventure and a lot more….
(I really can’t help but go off on a tangent!)


Anyways, I was thinking…Newsroom is very real!!! It addresses a lot of key events of the past; the capture and killing of Osama, the Casey Anthony case, presidential elections and the list goes on. Is Aaron Sorkin giving us intellectual, thought provoking entertainment or is he using television to send subliminal messages to the various governments???


There is a well known saying by Oscar Wilde, ‘Life imitates Art’ …has the script (PUN intended) been flipped and is art imitating life? Is it mocking the way situations were addressed/handled or showing us a different angle!? Are The Arts placing a metaphoric mirror on various platforms to show us what is happening (allowing us to really see what we- as the globe- are doing?) or is it just entertainment!?


For yearrrsssss The Arts used real life situations as inspiration, go as far back as looking at Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ which put a paradox on the racial dynamics of the world and the power and love struggles of the powerful! – brave, daring and thought provoking!


But how far is it being taken?? Is the world capsizing/collapsing/falling apart so far down we require the rehashing of events to know how bad the world is ?? Are these shows merely for entertainment or exposés on how flawed our global systems are?

…..I haven’t found the answer to these question….but let it sink…Happy thinking 🙂


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