School isn’t cool!

Once again, I found myself thinking *Insert dramatic sound effect* I was thinking about the global education system! I would like to start off by saying that I am aware we live in a imperfect world with imperfect systems. I have no idea why I was thinking about it…but I had an internal discussion with myself to understand why as a generation we seem less motivated. I feel in the societies I pertain to, the young adults aka ‘The Future’, aren’t finishing Tertiary education and even if they do, they aren’t motivated….they are more concerned about the money they will make than the change they could make in the world. When did money come before passion??

I think the global education systems are flawed for a number of reasons (Disclaimer: I am speaking in general terms based on my experiences and discussions);

1. ‘Non-traditional’ degrees are being taught in the same manner as the traditional (Professional) degrees. The traditional being the Law, Engineering, Medicine, Economic etc and the non- traditional being; the general BA, IT, Languages, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy etc. I say that because they are taking these text book degrees and applying those methods to the non- traditional which may not be the right formula. Are universities giving Psychology students the opportunity to create their own case studies in their first year to ensure that they are prepared for this ? How many graduate when they have been to psych ward in a hospital? Or are their ideas fragments of their imagination or do they view the world through the eyes of Pavlov and Freud? How many business majors can actually write a business plan without having to google the template and work with teams and identify their strength? How much practicality is provided? Are people being taught to think or taught to do? Anyone can learn but not everyone can do! I believe we need more ‘doers’! As we have seen the doers aren’t immortal/ indispensable , and we saw that with the death of Steve Jobs,what’s the next generation going to do?


2. Point one brings me to my second point, with universities being so big and having to assess practical assignment or even conducting them isn’t feasible…I have always said ‘when there is a will there is a way’! Many professors today are retired professionals/ savants/ gurus in their specified fields, and they actually don’t have teaching qualifications; therefore lack the skill to formulate the best curriculum to best prepare their students for the big bad world!

3. Thirdly, many students do graduate never having worked a day in their lives!! Are Tertiary institutes building firm relationships with companies to ensure that they nurture the next generation? It’s the responsibility of the society and the school to ensure that the next generation is qualified with a degree in life too (metaphorically) so that when we get that scroll on that monumental day we hit the ground running.

So many people never do what they studied, well life is also full of surprises! I also see that as a waste of time, money and energy! Key word ‘I’ – my opinion! I feel people need to explore what they wanna do in life then nurture that special skill they identified within themselves, because so many people are self taught across various professions, so you can imagine how amazing they would be if they had the skill to match.

I also don’t think university is for everyone, which again reiterates my first point! Maybe the way tertiary education is taught may affect people’s ability to follow through with it

Anyways, I think I need to stop thinking because I am becoming boring and my next post will be superficial …I promise


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