brazil 2Some say this is the ‘gayest’ sport  (nothing against homosexuals) in the world. A bunch of men run after a ball and heading towards a ‘D’ shaped area to gain victory!

I have never really understood the hype around the sport, I don’t know if it is due to my high levels of estrogen!

Every four years one of the biggest marketing events takes place in a ‘randomly’ selected country across the world.  Whoever came up with the World Cup had more than a knack for football, they had a knack for business.

I want to take an opportunity to tell you all how stupidly ingenious the world cup is!

The world cup gives a country an opportunity to boost their infrastructure. The amount of funds that are used to improve the transportation systems and to build new stadiums et al, is monstrous! However this is an investment. If you look at South Africa, the Cape Town Stadium has now been a host to a large number of international acts, such as; Bon Jovi, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem, to name a few. The stadium is continuously been used and is generating income for the country. A lot of these countries also beef up their police and security forces to ensure that the criminal reports are to a bare minimum, no country wants the bad or negative press to over shadow the work they done have to prepare for one of the greatest and long standing events of the year.

The world Cup gets all these fanatics to pay ridiculous amounts of money to buy air tickets, football  match tickets and accommodation to see their fellow mortals pass around a ball in a ‘patriotic manner’! Someone out there in the universe is putting aside a lot of money for this ‘once in a lifetime experience’. Once again they help boost the economy of the host country.

The sector that I assume gets the most excited is the tourism sector. The Tourism companies FLOURISH so hard! They are ready to offer packages to the tourists….oh sorry I meant football fanatics! Didn’t mean to call you out of pocket! Yikes! My mouth is gonna get me into trouble (As if it already hasn’t!)..packages for them to see what else the country is able to offer aside from a venue to host a sports event! I assume that people who go are going for more than just the football and aim to make the most of the trip!

During the world cup don’t expect to see adverts of your local mechanic on TV! Companies are pulling each other’s hair, pushing each other, tripping over each other just to get a minute of advertising across the different broadcasting television networks. It must be a WAR in the advertising streets, blood is surely shed! The cost of advertising must be RIDONCULOUSLY HIGH and then the space and time is limited. Firstly, there is only one half time and most people are using that time to go to the bathroom, drive to the store to get more beer, shower and for the extremist… simply to breathe! It can be a trick to advertise because you have to be able to determine if your advert will be seen because a lot of people who stay put actually end up changing the channel and on top of that we live in a ‘multi-screens’ era, so you are going to have people who will be checking their phones to read messages,  go through social media etc or use their iPads and maybe even log on to their computer to reply to emails! If you are anything like my father, you could be doing all three at the same time! I believe the advertisers who flourish are the ones who advertise during the match and those that have space on the screen surrounding the pitch! Those guys are getting their ROI (Return on investment) in plenty!

THINK OF ALL THE BARS THAT GET BUSY BECAUSE THEY HAVE A SCREEN THAT PEOPLE CAN WATCH ON!!!! It is not like ALL those people in the bar do not have TVs at home but it is a lot more fun to watch it with people and debate, argue or laugh about ball possession, own goals (We see you Marcelo!) or preposterous losses. The Arts –I would like to say that the way in which the world cup is conducted is more artistic than it is a form athletics– tends to bring out a sense of humanity from the mortals who enjoy watching it! It is a nice thing!

What I find most ironic about the world cup is that people have been watching the same players across the various leagues around from August to May- it is not like they are seeing anyone new! But that is the power of this exclusive brand!

  • It happens once every four years in a different location
  • It allows people to be deeply patriotic with no political stance attached
  • It takes place in the holiday season
  • It creates an advertising frenzy
  • It creates a month long conversation
  • It hijacks the google doodle for more than just a day!
  • It boosts the host country’s economic welfare not for just that period but for time after, as it becomes a place of interest
  • The parties are SUPREME! The turn up is REAL YO! (…so I have heard)

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