Having been in university for the last three years, I need my caffeine fix now and again (read always!). It was to my excitement that a decent coffee shop opened near my house! Whoop Whoop *does a slight shimmy*

1403597704306So, this chain of coffee shops opened in Rwanda at the beginning of the year called Brioche. I don’t know if calling it a coffee shop is the right term for this establishment! They have taken the artistry of pastries and caused some sort of zombie effect, which strongholds you towards going there at least once a week (if you are on a diet). This is the perfect example of turning ‘your passion into your provider’, which is often the paradox of most people’s lives.

The first time I went there I had a coffee mousse type of thing with vanilla, in aristocratic terms- ‘Excited my taste buds’ but in truth there was party in my mouth! Some sort of EDM intense party exploded into my mouth! It was quite epical.  Then the most fascinating thing happed… my friend ordered a hot chocolate and they brought her hot milk with chocolate drops on the side! How *bleeping* cool? So the whole idea is that the chocolate drops melt in the warm ‘amata’ to make REAL HOT CHOCOLATE- that was ingenious!

We live in a society that LONGS to be IT driven and ‘I ain’t mad at that’ but sometimes it is not applicable to everything. So I am sitting in Brioche, Nyarutarma, a delightful character comes up to me and asks me what I would like to have, I ask him for a menu and he super Mario jumps to my side with an iPad displaying the menu. I was like WOAH! I was like this is rather intrusive and you feel almost obligated to order something right there and then and you have to ask him to click on the different things on the menu to decide, you almost pick the first thing just to reduce the pressure! This all goes back to the fake façade that paper is dying and technology is taking over. Literature enthusiasts still long for the hard back cover and not so much ‘available on iTunes now’.

I am a very indecisive person, I often like to study the menu several times till I find what would be most- I am more inclined to order more, once I have studied the menu a couple to times because I am more aware of what is on offer.

I have been to restaurants that use devices to record your order but keep the menu authentic to the style of the establishment. However, I think the electronic devices are for more efficient communication with till and kitchen (from my understanding). I really like the chalk board and almost warm rustic look Brioche has and I would love it if they kept that authenticity and really use to technology when really needed.



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