Today on July 22nd 2015, my oldest and dearest friend is graduating with a medical degree.  When did we take time off being princesses to grow up? WHEN?

As I said, ‘ Iron sharpens iron’ – this is actually a verse from the Bible,  I am not that slick with it. I would like to think that myself and other close friends played a vital role towards ensuring that the long term dream of hers came true. I would like to believe that when I aspired she aspired too and when I focused, she focused too. When she spent hours doing applications, I was encouraged to focus on picking a good school,  when I second guessed my decisions, the affirmation in hers allowed me to reaffirm mine.

It was a chain reaction.

I am one of those people that lives for their friends.  My friends are my keepers; they keep my dreams, secrets and fears. I mean to some people their parents are their best friends…. which is weird to me, why would my best friend punish me and give me rules. I mean they are cool peeps but yeahhhh.

I think that these days IG posts and RTs make people friends but I really rely on mine for spiritual,  career and all round life advice. I hope yours do to. Don’t flourish alone… take the squad with you. Make sure your life goals include your squad goals.

So proud of her.


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