What am I listening to?

P3For those who know me or have been reading my Blog for sometime, know that I love music!!! love love love sweet tunes in my ears on a daily. I have an extremely eclectic and temperamental taste in music, my ears have different cravings everyday. I love to be well informed with who is dropping an album and what song is popping at the time, as well as constantly feeding my hear with all kinds of music that I have not heard in a long time or ever heard.

Anyways, so here is what I have been listening for the last week or so (ON REPEAT):

1. Follow me – Burna Boy (canNAT get enough)

2. Too lost in you- Sugababes (Nostalgic for the days when British Pop and R&B was popping)

3. Play no games  (Feat. Chris Brown)- Big Sean

4. The glass egg- Wale

5. Ready to love – Mario Winans

6. Soke- Burna Boy

7. It’s all about the stragglers- Artful dodger (THE ENTIRE ALBUM IS FLAMES)

8. Look over your shoulder- Kwabs (few know him but his voice is velvet, listen to ‘perfect ruin’)

9. Everything to me- Fred Hammond (his voice is everything but his message is even more!)

10. Alone together- Daley and Marsha Ambrosius (can they sing together forever?)


Please indulge and enjoy!


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