24…. not just the name of your favorite show or the hours in a day, it is also now the number of years that I have been alive. GOSH! I am so old!

I feel like I am two steps away from using a walking cane. I feel like I have to be a whole lot more responsible than I am now and I can’t pull the ‘I am young’ card now *sigh*. I Need to think of another excuse for when I don’t wanna do something!

Despite all of that, I AM SO GRATEFUL for where God has brought me. It is a true blessing to walk into a new year of your life with contentment in your heart. It is also so rare!

24 is one those years that can either be as exciting as the Thursday newspaper or it could be everything! It is the year before one turns a QUARTER OF A CENTURY!!! That sounds like you have been around for a lot of years! It sounds like your feet will grow, you will be wiser or you might even see your first grey hair (one in the same right?) …I just feel like I will finally become an adult, which I am not fond of!

24 is exciting for me though, I feel I have a year to prepare of such a huge milestone in my life. I have opportunity to take a step into the next phase in my life and most importantly prepare for it- I know with my hearts of hearts that I want to look back at 25 and think ‘Hey gurl, you did it. You flourished. You lived’

I will never forget. There was a time I was in London, when I woke up one morning after after having a BALL the night before and a friend of mine said, ‘No one can say we haven’t lived’. I want to be sure to utter those words 360 days from now!


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