lunchtime thoughts

I am probably the most inconsistent blogger ever! Sometimes I think that having a blog makes me a conformist and tres A typical. I am marketer, therefore I have to have a blog, it is the kosher thing to do [yawn].

I am not the biggest reader (ssshhh! Don’t say that in public, it is nothing to be proud of!!!!). I just have a very strange mind that needed an outlet during working hours. I am telling the honest to God truth- it not like there is anyone on this God forsaken earth, that is nose deep into their job from 8 to 5, unless you are robot or if you are a professional chiller. I would like to think that I am neither of the two.

I think that having a podcast will better suit me because I feel that I have an idiosyncratic style to my story telling that doesn’t necessarily come out in my writing- or maybe it does. Well I don’t have a high readership, this could also be to inconsistency, therefore, it is hard to keep up! I did go AWOL for a year! I am just guessing!

I think that people consider me comedic mainly for my story telling skills more than my wit, I don’t actually know what people find funny about me. I think I need to go on a quest!

When Socrates was declared the most wise man in the land, he disregarded it because he thought that they were a lot more ‘wiser’ people in the land. He then set off to find someone with more wisdom than that he posed. He then met a lot of daft people who indirectly endorsed his wisdom through their own stupidity. In that journey, he became wiser because he was learning as he went along and soon realised that in order to accumulate more wisdom, he needs to have the mind of child in their quest for knowledge inorder to gain more wisdom!

Maybe I should then seek out a funnier mortal to only accumulate more humour! Ha!

…..just thinking out loud


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