Walking: The financial Crisis.

Someone once told me; ‘A wealthy country isn’t one where everyone has a car, it is one where the wealthy use public transport.’ – it could have been made up but makes sense.

I am sure they are some millionaires in Switzerland that take train.

For about 10 years of my life I have lived abroad. I have basically been independent, especially in terms of my transportation. In some of the places I have lived, I have used buses and trains and I have liked it, I get to exercise a bit, have some time to think and also provided sufficient time to listen to my music, as I update my iPod almost every day.

Anyways, in attempt to get to the point, I actually enjoy a casual walk. It’s relaxing; gets your blood flowing, you can clear your mind and most importantly, it is HEALTHY. However, I have come to realise that walking is almost taboo here [location classified]. The whole time that you are walking, the drivers almost have no regard for you and also people are constantly offering lifts, as well as boda bodas/motos are constantly circling you! It is TRES annoying. I am usually dressed in fully gym regalia (Fleeking at all times!) and I am walking at a faster than usual pace- I think I need a sign on my back and front to notify the public that I am actually taking a walk.

I think that thing that people here associate walking with an ‘element’ of poverty. I mean you hear statements like, ‘I even saw him walking…so sad!’, SERIOUSLY???!!! In developing countries how can we solely associate walking with one’s socio economic status. I appreciate Rwanda so much for spending money on their infrastructure, in creating pavements for us peasant..sorry pedestrians to walk on. In life, we often forget the little details, the fact that a country is investing in the civil works/infrastructure is an example of economic development and prosperity. I would rather live in a country whereby I can walk on a pavement than drive on a road filled with potholes!

*Rant OVER*


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