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There has been a lot of confusion and criticism of what will become of this generation ; what legacy many of them (sorry us) will leave…. what some of us will amount to, what we shall discover and what change we shall bring.

I won’t even bother delving into the whole notion of how we are the generation that is more concerned about posts than policy…likes than legacy and views than vision… its a song that has been over sang

The #FeeMustFall ‘coupe’ (or was it an uprising…or revolt? Anyways whatever..) in South Africa made us seem like we have ‘some’ concern and care for our futures and demonstrated the unity our forefathers had, as well as our personal belief in the importance of education. I believe it displayed that we are not filled with a sense of entitlement and ‘turn ups’.

We are the post- ‘struggle’ generation. The woes of colonisation and conflict are dusted under the rug, ‘most’ African states are liberated…no sugar storages. The international schools are no longer ‘reserved’ for the Anglo saxon man but open for all. The struggles our parents knew; are fables we will tell our children and economic prosperity is the story of the day. Our parents deserve to flourish, they went through the wire and have now come up on top and; now and again get to enjoy their success. The question that begs; do we deserve to eat the fruits their trees have bore? HELL YES! Before I justify my ‘Hell yes’ – our parent’s success isn’t an unissued licence for financial irresponsibility or unemployment, it is simply a benchmark for one’s standard of living. The success simply affects the way we approach our post university life.

Back to my ‘hell yes!’. I would be extremely ignorant and arrogant to not capitalize of any success of my parents. Firstly, our parents never had the opportunity to save; to have more money at the end of the month- it was more like more month at the end of the money. Why wouldn’t I take advantage of living bill free in their home and use the money I can save to make wise investments, so that I can get to where they are (and further) a lot faster through smart investments?

Secondly, your network is your net worth. From the people that they shared flats with, notes with in uni, shared cubicles in their first jobs, the ones they have met on the golf course and in conferences…all of those people..why shouldn’t they know my name too!? Why wouldn’t I take complete advantage of who they know for my own advantage? Not because I am an opportunist but because some people can open doors for me that I never knew existed! Who you know is a far more greater asset than what you know. I came to realise that being smart isn’t enough…

Lastly, Why not take advantage and see the world. If you save, take yourself on a journey and learn more about different cultures. See different opportunities and see what else the world offers, get to expand your palette, expand your mind and come back home to a comfortable bed and a warm meal. For those that have got a chance to live the good life, there is no reason to feel guilty for the good fortune. Just use it wisely and be thankful.

We are a blessed generation


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