HA! moment

So I like reading books these days.

Yesterday when I was at the airport, I was idle and instead of being disorderly, I decided to roam around. I found a book store. YAAAY! I went to my favourite section- management. I like books about companies and brands- that is kinda my shit.

I saw this book called Brand new …something; and of course I had to pick it up and check it out. The synopsis at the back explained how the book intends to help people to figure out their personal brands and the importance of it.

Hhhmmm. This sounds interesting.

I decided to flip through the first few pages and I landed on a page that was referring to Steve Jobs and Apple. But of course! Coca Cola and Apple are some of the most used marketing case studies, and rightfully so. So, on this one page, they are talking about Steve Jobs choice of clothing and the release of the latest Mac book air and how it was promoted as this new thin laptop.


It all hit me like a ton of bricks and then a bag of potatoes was thrown at my weak and feeble existence after. Let me address the two points separately.

The ‘Thin’ Mac book:

So, I am guessing we all saw the advert of the Mac book and how thin it was. How insulting? Have you ever bought a kettle because it has a thick cord, or a TV because it has a big power button. Apple didn’t promote the technical features of the laptop but they promoted the dimensions of the laptop and no other brand can do that! Apple has cemented their product quality in our minds that we cannot even dare to question it when they release a new product. They have managed to sell products to use based on their most irrelevant feature. WOW! Isn’t that power? As we all know, Apple is innovative and not necessarily inventive. They have been extremely smart in highlighting their innovations and sticking to them, and for that I applaud and appreciate them.

Steve jobs clothing:

Now I am sure he never had dreams of wearing the finest Tom Ford suit nor was he seen at Paris Fashion week but his choice in clothing was very much part of the strategy. In the early stages of Apple’s success, they released one of the most powerful adverts in the history of advertising. It was that one advert that was celebrated the ‘crazy ones’. I am sure most of you have seen the advert!

Now, Steve Job and apple wanted to appeal to the innovators, the game changers …the creative ones… and when in Rome! Steve Jobs and the Apple team knew that they wouldn’t pull the heart strings of the ‘crazy ones’ by operating like corporate America. Steve jobs knew that if he wore a suit it would display a level of inconsistency in what they are selling and how they are selling it. The fact he wore the same simple clothing over and over again shows a consistency- makes him and Apple more trust worthy. The fact that he was comfortable showed the authenticity of him and Apple.

…see the importance of attention to detail?


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