…. some of my favorite things

If you follow me on social media, I talk A LOT about music or I often let my followers know what I am listening to. It is therefore very apparent that I love Music. However, I have another love; POPCORN.

I love me some popcorn!!

Dear Future Husband, please propose to me by putting my ring be at the bottom of a packet of popcorn. Kind regards, Future Bae.

I have always dreamt of popcorn flood like the one Janet Jackson had in her ‘Go Deep’ music video. I have always loved that video for that scene! How lucky? I would just eat my way out of that situation

To put this love into perspective; as a person that loves top notch presents on her birthday, one birthday I asked for a popcorn machine. I wanted that traditional cinema, town fair popcorn machines, you know those big ones? The ones where the popcorn ones spilling out and you are salivating behind the glass frame…you know those ones? Yup, that’s the one I wanted. While others wanted Barbies, I wanted a popcorn machine..

Of course my popcorn machine got spoilt the day I got it! Duh! I couldn’t contain my village excitement and I guess I put in too much popcorn for too long

Growing up in Kampala, Uganda, after church on Sunday, we would stop by middle-East (Bugolobi) and get a bag of popcorn in a plastic transparent bag. I would go through that packet in less than 20 minutes and even go for the kennels in the corner. I don’t discriminate, every kennel is special! Oh! I love popcorn

Some people who know me, know that I am on a healthy living binge. I dedicated 2015 to a healthy mind and body. I would like to believe that I am living better than ever before! However, when I did my research on how to eat right, I definitely had to hit up the snacks section and find out the repercussions for eating popcorn. I found out that kennel popped popcorn is significantly healthier than microwave popcorn and as a Popcorn pundit/connoisseur/enthusiast, I find that popcorn it tastes better the old fashioned way. No huge loss there. I mean I cannot have popcorn everyday because I might just die of dehydration due to the high sodium levels, but I would not damage my body as a result. This fact brings a sigh of relief that no one can ever understand- I can eat popcorn guilt free but if I was to eat bacon, I would probably cry in my bed for 2 hours and plus I would have gone against WHO- I am just not one to defy and entire organization that has spent millions confirming that processed meat is bad for your health and contains high levels of carcinogens. My mere mortality would just not let me!

About a year or so ago, guess what?? A supermarket near my house called woodlands, got a popcorn machine!!!!!! EXCITEMENT overload! Nostalgia made me make a very quick purchase that day, also the fact it was only 500 RWF per a packet! The deal couldn’t be sweeter. After I devoured that packet; got dry lips, felt dehydrated and blotted, oh and struggled getting kennel out of my teeth.. I realized that heaven is truly a place on earth!

Thank you Woodlands for making my life better, thank you for your popcorn machine.

If anyone is interested in getting their popcorn, I would advise you to go before 5pm because school kids are greedy!


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