Not about the side chick life!

The ambiguity of my blog allows me to discuss a plethora of topics in which I have interest in. Lately, I have been trying to find a focus so that I can be a source of ‘something’. However, the release of Wale’s album ‘the album about nothing’ inspired and reaffirmed to me that I can talk about a lot of nothing that is something that is really nothing because it doesn’t fall under a topic…it doesn’t fall under …something…

When I was in search for my next topic, someone told me I should write about side chicks, but fortunately I have no experience with that breed therefore I would be telling other’s stories and there is no way I can write about ‘them’ without coming off as self righteous and judgmental . If that’s the struggle you have picked, be blessed…. I would rather talk about my favorite topic…..MYSELF aka ME aka I!

This post is really about me and the nothing that I am, but most of you people are blood sucking heathens that got captivated by the heinous title *quiet giggle* … but keep reading, it is going to be as interesting as what you thought it was about

There are too many facets to me but I am going to discuss my most discreet trait, the one I mask with all my confidence and humor; my anxiety. I am an extremely anxious person! An hour cannot go by without me biting my fingers off or pulling my hair, I am so anxious that my actions are done subconsciously but my anxiety has reduced as I got older as I am able to manage my insecurities. As a child, I SUFFERED, especially during exam time. It was the worst time of my life, I believed that death was always a sweeter option because I used to have nightmares about those pieces of paper.

I tried every trick in the book to study to make sure everything was in my head.

Background: I have a great fascination with science; biology in particular. I just find interesting to learn about it but I hate dead bodies and blood so I couldn’t pursue a career in my interest.

My most used ‘trick’ was definitely learning via osmosis. This isn’t a typo, I genuinely studied via Osmosis. I am not sure where my logic lay at the time but I used to make my own study notes because it was proven that it is easier to remember your own words than those of others and writing things down is known to have a cognitive correlation to memory.

When I found that out, I wrote my notes in various colours, maybe about 4 because I would also memorize through colour and it would make my work more interesting to read. I spent my whole high school using 5 pack glitter pens, as well as red, blue and black pens. Once I was done making my multi-coloured notes, right before I slept, I would read them so I could dream about them and then I would put them underneath my pillow so that they can seep through the foam, past the cotton pillow cases, down through my skull and then into my brain. I was hoping that there not an issue of the greenhouse effect on those warm evenings.

Now, if you are still in school, I am not sure if it works but I tried it, graduated and I am currently employed! So hey! Give it a try!


3 thoughts on “Not about the side chick life!

  1. This is the kind of blog post I MUST hide from my children, otherwise I will go broke buying up different colours of pen packs…or maybe I should invest in the damn things and then make ALL CHILDREN in Uganda read the blog post…? Decisions. Decisions.

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