‘Its one drink’ … They said

‘Let’s go for one drink’ ‘They have this really good cocktail… should we go and try one?’ ‘its close to home let’s check it out for a bit!’- All words associated with Chillax Longue (we all know the name is lame but trust the place isn’t), or as my mum calls it ‘My sitting room!’

I am not the biggest fan of night clubs because I feel that they have a socialist aspect to it. You HAVE TO dance and your ‘freedom of speech’ is limited by the extremely loud music. I am a democrat; therefore there is a clash between us. I only enjoy it when I have had some happy juice! I have always preferred bars, you can have conversation and have great music and dancing is optional… well I also don’t really like dancing, I get shy when I do *blushes*

Another thing I do not like doing is driving, I just don’t like it. I don’t really have an explanation; it is just not my favorite thing to do.

Now with the combination of these facts, when a new lounge called Chillax opened near my house, I began to encounter problems in my life.

I had reduced on my social activities because I was drinking like I was at the last supper and putting on mad weight as a result, as well as I had a recurring sleep debt and I was not saving my hard earned money- I was making too many losses. I was also too familiar with the streets, I was like the yellow pages of Friday plans. The streets needed to miss me; I had to terminate that contract. I decided to dedicate myself to the gym, sleep and my laptop; and this ‘Bermuda triangle’ has resulted in the disappearance of many issues such as weight and poverty. I am a lot happier

After I lost the weight that I had put on, I decided to go back to my social butterfly ways, I didn’t dive in head first, it was more like a slow transition- well I hoped it would be slow then Chillax decided to feel the need to open its doors and have lighting that complicated ladies of chocolate skin tone, so that we can show off our glory- I doubt that what they are doing is even legal. Chillax just ticks the right boxes for me, they have quality drinks, good music at the right decibel and it is close to my home. I mean if for a second I feel like I am Idle, it is less than 7 minutes from my home and then the crowd is always good, damn!

It is one of those places that you can’t go to for an hour or two; according to my calculations you end up going there for double the intended number of hours. It is a hole, for example, I went there last Friday and intended to leave by 11pm and I left at 4:30!!!! Now, I have home training, imagine what time those who didn’t leave? I think they have chemicals in their walls or they have potions in their drinks that make you lose your concept of time; all I know is that investigation must take place because I cannot tell you in words why I go to Chillax and genuinely have internal struggle to leave!

If you are ever in the beautiful city of Kigali or indeed for a casual drink- that’s the spot! Trust me! I only know nice things


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