Sweet 16!

So I/we made it to another year! YAAY!

2015 was loads of fun! I have always liked anything with the number 5 in it because that’s the last digit on my birth date and I love myself plenty plenty!

2015 brought me back to my blog, gave me opportunities to travel and got me to begin to live a healthy life. I really liked 2015! It was quite kind to me! I felt like a grew up, a little, just a little ..okay…okay a tiny bit!

I am so proud of myself for sticking to my resolutions in 2015 down to the very end! It is always encouraging to set your mind on something and stick to it! Self motivation is so necessary to flourishing and flourishing is so necessary!

I still haven’t yet set my resolutions for 2016! ‘’WAKE UP HENRIETTA! We are half way through the first month!!!’’ I think I have struggled because I simply embody so much perfection and there is truly nothing higher than number one! So where do I from here??

Okay..let me be honest, that’s only half the truth! This is a sentimental year for me, as I am turning 20 bleeping 5. I have a post about what 25 means to me if you scroll down actually!

I am definitely not having a party because it doesn’t make sense to me! So….am I supposed to wear new clothes with the people I was with the previous weekend and have them drink my booze! Uurrmmm no! I am going to go on a discovery, a journey, a new experience! I want to do something that I have never done before! I want to go to a place where I am going to see and learn something new! I can’t think of a better gift to give myself.

Anyways enough about me….

2016… hmmm

I am not sure what to make of you so far..you haven’t been too sweet to start off!

We are mourning over the deaths of Alan Rickman, David Bowe, Natalie Cole and Rene Angelil, just to name a few! These were all legends in their own rights and the world has definitely been left void

It is a tragic way to start the year but that doesn’t necessarily set the tone for the rest of the year! Deaths happen every day it is just these deaths are on a global platform which magnifies the tragedies in this world- so let’s not convince ourselves that this year will not be anything short of spectacular! POSTIVE VIBES ONLY

What I took/learned from this bumpy start of 2016 is that life is SO PRECIOUS! So, while I am here planning for 25th; they are many who got to see it or will never- including me! Let us not forget that we are here on a lease and we should never lose sight of what is important, as well as the limited time we have!

We only get one of these (life)- no rewind or redo!

So, Flourish!

Be Kind. Always


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