Broke Blogs

The few people I know that have blogs are broke bloggers; this is a term that I coined when I was putting this little post together. According to these ‘broke bloggers’; ‘it’s all about the passion and not the profit’. I am told that some of our ‘counterparts’ in Kenya get a bit of pocket change through their keyboards but here in Rwanda; this is a foreign concept to the majority . It’s not so sad because most of us have day jobs or are at school. However, how nice would it be to place a monetary value to your own words?

Let’s not be dramatic and say our words are priceless or not up for sale… Everyone has a price and we sold our souls to the devil long before we were born. Firstly, we need to begin to position ourselves in a way that people are calling us (tweeting, DMing or whatsapping us- THIS IS the modern age) to exploit our blogs for a cost since it is significantly cheaper than any form of advertising. Every blogger needs to have a voice that is distinct; an idiosyncratic flare that will keep readers wanting nothing but more! in that way we become more marketable!

My whole thought process behind this , that as much as we are broke bloggers; the corporates are getting broke by the minute. The price of oil has given superman strength to the US dollar and has caused almost catastrophic despair to the global market; the market that we all operate in.

I believe that our dear ‘corporates’ need to accept that they are broke and come to the broke bloggers*frantically waves*; not only are we cheaper but we reach a wider audience than any traditional medium of advertising (such as TV, radio and newspapers). The information is accessible for much longer, so in terms of media impressions- with the right strategy and audience, your ROI is basically an indication of slavery still in existence. It is worth every penny and some more change!

It is said that, ‘28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing. (February 2015)’. I will not go ahead and be ignorant and say we don’t need traditional media- it still works and works well depending on your target market but we are playing in a global field now and most importantly corporates are BROKE and traditional media BLEEPING expensive!

A lot of stats show an exponential spike in digital advertising in 2015 compared to 2014 and previous years. On some digital platforms; spending has doubled within a year such as Twitter and Facebook. I will leave you to google those stats- I am not getting paid for this, remember!!!

A very prominent example that comes to mind when I think of the dramatic evolution of the digital age is; the spread of Netflix to an additional 190 countries world-wide. This wasn’t a result of Fomo; this was a result of market meeting the market demand!! Market research must have noted that there has been a global spike in bandwidth capacity, to the degree in which these various countries will be able to host sites such as Netflix- without interruption (otherwise that would defeat the purpose). It with finding as such that global expansion is justified and more is offered at our finger tips; literally. Let alone the increment of online viewing of TV shows- again… find those stats on your own, my data is limited.

Living in Rwanda, ‘there is IT this and IT that…4G 4G 4G’- constant innovations and developments keep taking place in our technology- sphere, therefore with increased capacity, we are able to enjoy the ‘perks’. This has opened opportunity for increased access to information, as well as an increment in information sharing. The degrees of separation just went from 6 to 2 in about the speed of 14 MBps (LOL!). In short, I am asking all these corporates that run to conference saying they support efforts in the IT sector to look for broke bloggers and put your money where your month.

Just keeping it real…


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