It’s not even my blog day..

My dad LOVES reading. When I was growing up he had a wooden shelf right outside his bedroom that was mainly filled with John Grisham books, and each month the book self would become more and more delicate. It became more delicate in the sense that it was getting heavier, because he was always buying books. I was always waiting for it to break. It was from this book shelf that I learnt about Johnnie Cochran (when I saw his world famous book ‘Journey to Justice’). The world renowned lawyer, who uttered that famous …or infamous line, ‘If the glove don’t fit! Then you must acquit!’

I remember that book shelf, not because it was pretty or that it had cool books with pictures. I remembered it because of the importance of those books to my dad.

My dad loves reading and occasionally writes. He is not an author/writer nor would I bestow such prestigious titles unto him. He has invested in the art form of writing (reading and speaking too!) but not to the point that I recognize him as an author. Anyways, enough about him for now….

I would like to believe that I have a great sense of ‘self awareness’. I know myself; what I am good at, what I am terrible at, what I am mediocre at and what I can excel at. This has often translated into confidence but put me in a room of more than 10 people; and I begin to channel my inner B- Rabbit (from the movie 8 mile), and begin to think of mum’s spaghetti! I get nervous easily…but that is a story for another day! I find that a lot of people’s aspirations are not in alignment with their sense of self awareness. What do I mean? Well, let’s go back to the beginning; my dad’s love for books and writing doesn’t make him an author nor does dressing well don’t make you a fashion icon; it makes you stylish. Let’s avoid misusing labels!! If someone asked me to make them a sweater, I cannot do that! I don’t have a skill but I can tell a tailor to make a sweater and maybe instruct him to add a little detail to the sleeve….that doesn’t make me a designer, it makes me a good manager!

‘Just because you died on the cross, that don’t make you Jesus’

Are we together?

I heard or read somewhere that Instagram has got people thinking that they are photographers. Somewhere along this millennial road, I feel that there has been a growth of opportunity but a steep decline in the appreciation and the necessity for craftsmanship. We are diluting the fundamentals and exploiting cheap, self-taught labour to sustain our businesses. Now, there is no I in team, seldom are businesses/establishments sustained on a single individual but if you call yourself a ‘shoe designer’ and you have never made a shoe and your main shoe cobbler resigns, will your business survive? If you are a good manager, you will find another good shoe cobbler because an important trait of a good manager is one’s ability to solve problems and see potential in individuals but it will not continue to survive if you think you are a shoe designer- when you actually don’t pertain the skill to make a shoe.

I truly hope you are getting my point..

Let’s take the Example of Beyonce, King B or whatever you mortals like to refer to her as. Beyonce can sing but she will be in the history book as one of the greatest ENTERTAINERS of all time, while Whitney Houston is one of the greatest VOICES/SINGERS of all time. Beyonce cannot out sing Whitney on Whitney’s worst day but she can out- perform her! It goes back to what I said earlier in regards to self awareness, being self aware can get you the notoriety you are looking for because you are owning what you are and not a falsified image that you will never attain to; unless of course you dedicate to developing that craft. It is so much easier to focus on your strongest traits though!

Oh and by the way, there is no shame in being a *bleeping* amazing manager because to be a great manager you have to be multi faceted and TRUST …that doesn’t come naturally. I think that if you can relate to what I am saying; think about how you have labelled yourself in society and whether you truly embody the meaning of that title. Less is always more…

Anyways, I was just thinking out loud…


Oh and BTW, I am not a writer.


2 thoughts on “It’s not even my blog day..

  1. Thought-provoking. I think the biggest issue is coming into a world that already has expectations or worse already has a destiny planned out for you. No one ever teaches you to be your own. To seek your own and be your own first.

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