Lunch Time thoughts: Part 3

So a few days ago I watched Chris Rock live my dream; stood on a global platform and made fun of people! SO JEALOUS!

I believe I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I grew up with more boys, therefore, my self defense skills are ‘on fleek’ or ‘a’hanah! (100)’- whatever it is that you kids say these days! I have always known that I make the worst enemy. I ‘hate’ as much as I love! I would never want to be on the wrong side of me.

I don’t really like public speaking engagements but I would run at the chance to point fingers and make fun of people and GET PAID FOR IT! If I was in Chris Rock’s shoes….hhhmmm…LAWDHAVMARCEEH! I would have been bleeped for profanity, ‘rainbowed’ (you know when they black you out and put rainbow colours and that ringing noise) and escorted off the stage! I would have definitely ‘KanyewestGeorgeBustDoesn’tCareaboutBlackPeopled’ that situation! I definitely would have gone far!I

I am also thinking that designers must have ran to him to dress him for the event and.. it was all for FREE!!! Free is nice *grins*

Of course some of you are thinking I have missed the point…. but…

Chris Rock said that the ‘Oscar so white’ argument wouldn’t have been relevant in the 1950s because Black Americans were too busy getting lynched and raped, that they didn’t really have the time to be concerned about Oscar nominees (paraphrasing). Fair enough argument!

Most might find the whole argument about the Oscar nominations pretty straight forward. DEMONSTRATE MORE EQUALITY AND RECOGNIZE MORE BLACK ACTORS! The timing of the boycott was very unfortunate for The Academy. America is ‘trying’ to recover from Flint, Sandra Bland and the many others that have been slain. On top of all of that a somewhat racist billionaire might be their next president.

However, the Oscar’s have always been white, Rodney King barely escaped death and African Americans have been killed for no reason from the 1800s….

Wait a minute though!

Let us look at Rap! There has been a thick Iron wall against ‘white rappers’. The industry has been somewhat unwelcoming to Caucasians; those that have penetrated have done so through an affiliation of a black person and a story of struggle. Correct me if I am wrong; is this not the same thing? Or it is because Black Americans have lacked and fought for so much that they would like ONE thing to call their own? I don’t know… you tell me!


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