‘WHICH ONE’ – posted across the bottom half of the album cover multiple times!

When I hear the name ‘Pablo’; only two come to mind; Escobar and Picasso.

If I had to choose between the two, I would say they are elements of both ‘Pablos’ manifested in the album.

Picasso was widely and famously known as a pioneer and avid user of ‘Cubism’, this is a fine art technique inspired by music, entertainment and architecture. The art he created often used lines and colour shading to create 3D impressions to allow for interpretation to be sort from various angles. The highly expressive art form can be easily linked to the eclectic mind of Mr. West, not only is he a rapper but he was an art student in college and he holds a honorary doctoral degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. With the evolution and migration to Surrealism that later lead to Futurism, Picasso was always ahead of the times and admired for taking art deeper into a new realm. We can put an immediate correlation to ‘808s and heartbreaks’ and ‘My beautiful dark twisted fantasy’, which both had a unique with an avant garde sound that we had never heard before and solidified Kanye’s idiosyncratic style as one for the books. He’s one of a kind. Another point of parity is after the 2nd world war Picasso took up a passion for writing and it is said that he wrote up to 300 poems in his lifetime. We would say the same for Kanye; his passion for the art led him to the pen!

In regards to Escobar, where can one begin! Escobar was a megalomaniac! A man of many extremes. A lot of his actions can be categorized as irrational and unwarranted. He was a man who didn’t have limits and wanted to achieve the ‘impossible’ at all costs (we can immediate bring up the fact that Kanye said he ran himself into $53 million debt because of his abstract and overly priced fashion line ‘Yezzus’)! He was heavily misunderstood and his ideas were a far cry from conservative. He was a leader and a giver; he was a lover and a destroyer. His methods were not always ‘appreciated’ (to say the least) but his intentions were good (SOMETIMES). Escobar had a ‘Robin Hood complex’. He wanted to use his money to make Colombia a better place and create a better life for those who couldn’t afford it. He was there to save the people but at the cost of the lives of others! It is often that Kanye’s message lost in methods. He means well by doing wrong, for example; the infamous Taylor swift’s award sabotage. He wanted to highlight a great year for Beyonce but at the expense of Taylor’s happiness. There are times Pablo killed people that didn’t have to be killed or do things that really didn’t have to be done, as they sought no benefit, but he did them anyways; just like the ‘misogynistic’ comments he made in ‘Famous’

So was he paying homage or was it mere inspiration? I would go with the latter because this album was ALL ABOUT KANYE!

Gospel Album? Well, it is the gospel according to YE!!

The album was definitely in my top 3 of all of his albums. Its changes from 2nd and 3rd depending on the mood I wake up in. I like it because it is a ‘constellation’ of his greatest albums- College Dropout, Graduation and 808s (in my opinion). I definitely hear ‘old jaw shut Kanye’, ‘just made crazy money off John legend Kanye’, ‘humble Kanye’ and most definitely ‘out of the box Kanye’ *day dreams of the ‘Runaway’ video*

My favourite tunes:

  1. Ultra light beams- it awakens my spirit and Kelly Price lay all of her spirit on the track. The lyrics, the beat, the choir! They opened the gates to musical heaven with this one.
  2. Highlights- simply dope
  3. Wolves- because Frank Ocean
  4. Father stretch my hands Part 1- One name ‘RUBIN’

The rest of the songs still bang but they don’t stay on rotation and set my soul a blaze like these 4 tracks do. His greatness and talent is widely projected on these 4 tracks.

We had to wait for the album to be re-released to add songs such as ‘Waves’ and ’30 hours’ – in my not so humble opinion, we were fine without those tracks. The part that I loved about this album is that it gave Chance the rapper more respect in the rap game. I remember being laughed at for liking ‘Acid Rap’ but there is something about him- I don’t think he has fully blossomed into the artist that is supposed to be but he is well on his way, It possibly comes with age. I give Chance until *twiddles fingers*… 27 to be part of those that get to change the game!

Kanye is one of the few people that can put together a musically diverse group of people – Chance the Rapper, El DeBarge, Future, Frank Ocean, The-Dream, Kendrick Lamar, Kirk Franklin, Kelly price, Kid Cudi, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign, and Chris Brown- AND CREATE MAGIC! The choice of his artists reminded me of the 12  or so artists he put on to the chat topper, ‘All of the lights’.

This album is all kinds of chocolate supremacy #BlackLivesMatter


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