That new K

I thought writing about music could come easy but when there is so much fire dropping all at once; I feel like an unloyal wife trying to pick who to talk about first but I have to start somewhere…

Over the last two weeks, I have been on a chocolate high! My people are doing great things! A few weeks ago K. Michelle dropped, ‘More Issues Than Vogue’. This album is definitely my favourite of all her albums! She was trying to go for a more international feel and less ‘I hate men’ ‘I can’t stop crying over him’ ‘I deserve better’ kinda music. I think that this album allowed us to appreciate her range, depth and creativity more than her other albums.

The beats are definitely fresher and the music has mass appeal!

My Top 4 tracks are: Mindful, Ain’t you, Got ‘em like and sleep like a baby!

I don’t really have much to say about this album other than LISTEN!!!!


Listen: K. Michelle Releases New Album ‘More Issues Than Vogue’

I will be sending more fire your way soon…


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