OMG! I haven’t put on a post in 2 months!! What is life? Who am I? What’s wrong with me?… *insert heavy sobbing*

Well…to be quite honest I was on vacation and I was acclimatising back into normalcy…. and I guess it took me a while. I am not sure what travel rituals y’all have but I always make sure that my music is ‘on deck’. I make sure that my iPod and iTunes are updated with the baddest, latest and tightest tunes!

In our time apart; ‘Views’, ‘Colouring book’ and ‘Lemonade’ dropped. On the mainstream scene. I mean… I listened to these albums and they have SOME great tracks but I am definitely into ‘my Soundcloud artist’ these days. I slowly drifting away from the mainstream scene, either that or I am going through phase.

So these days I am listening to EPs from Nao (UK) and Abhi//Dijon (USA), they got that neo-soul, old Skool R’n’B typa music. I mean, its real music, it is not commercial in any sense. I definitely think that you MUST give them a try. I don’t think that you will like them on first listen, I will admit, but you gotta let them grow on you. I mean I have been bumping them for 2 months straight and I don’t skip tracks. I would suggest; Nao: Apple cherry kisses, Adore you and fool to love. Abhi//Dijon: Twelve, Jon B, 3 am and ESPN. They don’t have that much music out so in two hours you will know all about them.



A friend of mine recently introduced me to Ro James. If you liked The Weeknd, ‘House of Baloons’ and ‘Kaleidoscope dream’ Miguel, then you will love this. I think that his new album ‘El Dorado’ is a perfect blend of the two. It has the sexual intensity of ‘House of Balloons’ and the vocal range of ‘Adorn you’ and other bangers that were on ‘Kaleidoscope dream’.

Thank me later.





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