Freebies….well I call them gifts!

So, I am back once again but I am not sure for how long, is that tragic? Won’t you miss me!?

Well, I was just thinking about this festive season and how it is the season for giving and yet I haven’t got anything! If that wasn’t a clear enough hint, I am currently expecting gifts in form of, clothing, food, petrol and music…quantities can vary but I would encourage any one of you to not hold back!

This goes without saying that, I remain Thankful for the gift of life, a new morning, good healthy and overall happiness. Popcorn and ribs also makes me happy though! (Drops another hint!)

My biggest regret of 2016, other than being around for it, is not being as active on my blog as I should be. I wish that I gave it more attention rather than complaining about how hard it is to blog. How hard it is to be inspired to write. I should have just done it.

So, I was thinking about how cool it would have been to run Christmas competitions  on my blog and it would have been the ‘go-to’ place for all good gifts this festive season, I am sure we have plenty of generous restaurants, spas, grocery stores, clothing stores and much more…

Actually they don’t need my blog; they could do it on their own! Where is the Christmas spirit here in the city of Kigali?  It is not just the season of lights; it’s the season of giving! Where are the gifts? I guess the rise of the US Dollar really ate away their budget….or did it?

I hope to see more gifts in 2017…

*Takes a deep breathe*

p.s: don’t forget to give is to receive


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