Teacher: ‘Spell ‘Perfection’ ‘ Student: ‘H-A-R-V-E-Y…uurmm S-..’

For all you fans of Entourage who were having withdraw symptoms… Suits is  good and recommended replacement! They are two very different shows, but similar in a sense that its got that hook on you and comes from an unexpected angle and the character Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) remains memorable on first encounter, much like Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).

Suits is a new summer show off USA Network television comedy-drama series, premiering on 23rd June 2011. The show was only 12 episodes, which was the only disappointing thing about it, but good news Fans it was given a go ahead for its second season in August, despite the mixed reviews that it was welcomed by.

When I heard of Suits, I was hoping it was not another legal drama! I always love a hint of humor and sarcasm…nothing too serious! … Actually I want  a decent amount of humor and tonnes of sarcasm, its good for the soul! I won’t give much away for those lost souls who haven’t watched it…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

I LOVED the season premier! I literary watched it four times in a row! I immediately googled this ‘Harvey Specter’ Character….with in the first 10 minutes we saw his conniving ways and impeciable…almost flawless good looks! I had to know him, he is like an American Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl)

Please anaylse 1:53 to 2:00, from the time he gets out the car to buttoning his suit, checking his watch and looking on his right hand side to putting his hand in his pocket ! WOW dot com! He rocked those Ray Ban wayferers! This was definitely a pinnacle moment from episode 11 season 1

I would also like to add that he wears Suits form HEAVEN…talk about tailor made! I feel like God hand stitched this suit so intricately for this gentleman! The in which he wears suits is actually indescribable!! I love how his hair is slicked back, very 1960’s he looks like he walked right out one of JFK’s Presidential’s dinners or the set off Mad Men

Ok back to Suits! Then we meet Mike Ross, he is an out of control genius but yet he should high levels of stupidity in the show! When you watch you are able to see! I think his character will make wiser moves and better decisions next season as long as he stays under Harvey’s wing! I love that Mike is like a younger Harvey (without the degree) and challenges his intellect. I mean I should also give Mike  credit…He is able to handle all of what he did with no degree what so ever! *PAT ON MIKE’S BACK*

Louis (Played by Rick Hoffman) is a flaming homosexual who doesnt not that he is as gay as a butterfly! I love him he is such an undercover drag queen with way too many emotions for someone with testicles! I love louis he adds an interesting comical element to the show and feeds Harvey with amo for killer lines!

Jessica (Played by Gina Torres)…She was a lot of talk until one episode where she showed us exactly how she got where she! I think it was episode 11 (Feel free to comment and correct me) when she had to defend Harvery! wow that was an imppressive performance and whoever wrote that ..I stand up and clap for you! That was a serious ‘Bad bitch’ moment.

Harvey doesn’t realise but he is in a committed relationship with Donna (played by Sarah Rafferty) she is just the mother of all PAs she is only woman who can tell Harvery to go right when he wants to go left! she knows all about him and his secrets…She plays her character so well in the few minutes in which we see her on the screen she leaves Epical moments and whitty remarks!

Rachael!…oh Dear Rachael played by model turned actress Meghan Markle is  very insecure if you ask me! She thought that Mike was interested in her automatically, she is clearly looking for someone who is interested in her brain. She started to show feelings for Mike when she saw the boy genius, relied on her brain! I think that sparks will fly higher in season 2! However, that is all dependant on the fate of Mike’s future!!

I won’t even waste time and talk about that piece of trash Trevor…although that was sheer evidence that T.G.I.D!

I think that show is very different from what is already on! it reminds me of shark but I love that its not only about the cases but the characters themselves are a significant to the plot!  I think that as long as the writers calculate their moves carefully this show is destined for longevity!


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